FREIFECHTER   medieval fencing guild and our new feder model

The Freifechter guild, or the Brotherhood of Free Fencers, was a medieval German fencing guild that emerged in the 15th century. These guilds were associations of fencers and fencing masters who practiced and taught various forms of martial arts and combat skills. The term “Freifechter” translates to “free fencers” in English, indicating that these individuals were skilled fencers who were not bound to any specific master or school.


The latest design model inspired by the engravings of Meyer and Mair puts in your hands a light and fast training weapon. The pivot point is closer to the hilt, allowing for better execution of techniques like Durchwechseln or Abnehmen, while still remaining close enough to the guard that it doesn’t extend beyond the opponent’s silhouette during Winden. In cutting exercises, the light blade with its center of gravity shifted more towards the point elegantly swishes with each cut. 


From the Principles of the Free Fencers Lately and up to now, it having been, that each one of the Freifechter, would like to certify another Freifechter thus they should be led by the following ordnance, When alone, such a more recent Freifechter wants to hold a school, or will, He should himself with the test, be made to take, and others of these ordinances be compliant with. Still he is expected to remain as every free willed Freifechter, if he wants to be an Avowed master of the Longsword, or not.

  • Overall length: 125 cm
  • Blade length: 95 cm
  • Weight : 1380 – 1400 g
  • Flex ~ 15 – 16 kg
  • PoB ~ 8 cm
  • CoP ~ 65 cm
  • FPP ~ 84 cm
  • Blade hardness ~ 50 HRC
  • Crossguard ~ 45 HRC
  • PRICE 390 EUR (+ 23% VAT in EU)



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KRON 2020

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CORONA PROTOTYPE first version of our 2020 Feders line. This is a regular version with hollow grinded blade – not only light but also very robust. Durable (6 mm) edge on the shilt and strong part of the blade helps to avoid dangerous nicks. Hardened (45 HRC) and double-peened guard prevents loosening and bending after


BLACK SABRE training polish sabre with broad and agile blade. If you train Cross Cutting Art, this sabre will be ideal. Military blade with two fullers bestows this trainer with parameters very close to originals.  Fine-crafted vegetable leather–covered grip gives it an elegant and fully historical finish. Thanks to bees-wax, it feels great in hand. Total lenght: