KRON 2020


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KRON 2020 to linia federów z wklęsło szlifowaną głownią, wygodną taliowaną rękojeścią i ośmiokątną głowicą.

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Długość całkowita: 126 cm
Długość klingi: 95 cm
Weight:  ~ 1450 g
Flex – 14 -16 kg
Punkt Ciężkości: 7-8 cm
Punkt Drgań ~  61 cm
Przedni Punkt Obrotu ~ 93 cm
Twardość klingi ~ 50 HRC
Twardość jelca ~ 45 HRC


Długość całkowita: 133 cm
Długość klingi: 100 cm
Weight: ~1550 g
Flex – 15 kg
Punkt Ciężkości: 7-8 cm
Punkt Drgań ~  61 cm
Przedni Punkt Obrotu ~ 96 cm
Twardość klingi ~ 50 HRC
Twardość jelca ~ 45 HRC


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  • Rok gwarancji na złamanie klingi
  • Lekka i elastyczna klinga, o wklęsłym szlifie i strudzinach na rikassie.
  • Wytrzymały i estetycznie wykonany jelec o twardości 45 HRC
  • Podwójnie zakuwany jelec chroniący przed luzowaniem
  • Waisted grip covered with fine cord reinforced with resin
  • Pełny, zaokrąglony i bezpieczny sztych
  • Ośmiokątna, zakuta na gorąco, kwasoodporna głowica
  • Wyjątkowo wytrzymała, zaokrąglona krawedź - od 6 do 4mm grubości, twardość 50 HRC
  • Bezpieczne końcówki jelca
  • Zakuta na gorąca stalowa głowica




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8 opinie dla KRON 2020

  1. Sean M.

    The Kron is an unbelievable sword. It handles like magic, with INTENTION, pivoting in such a way that the sword almost guides your movements, like it already knows what to do. It’s bulletproof in its construction, beautifully finished, and an altogether artisanal training weapon. I have no notes. The only warning I have is that a single session with a Kron will make you want the entire Ensifer line. Thanks Jan!

  2. Krzysztof Kowalik (zweryfikowany)

    This is my first Feder. I enjoy the product a lot. Very good quality, extremlly robust. Well ballanced. Exercisest with product are pleasure, I have regular version (189cm growth) and it suits me fine.
    Worth every EURo. For sure next one will be from Jan and team. Do not hasitate to buy one!!

  3. Łukasz Dąbrowski

    I use Ensifer Feders for years and I love the high quality and durability. Those Feders can withstand years of heavy use. Thick edge is nick resistant, flex is nice and safe, beautiful finish and details. The Kron 2020 is amazing, the balance, point of rotation, it goes smooth and almost by itself!
    The sound it makes like a pitchfork when striking into another feder also the woosh sound as you cut midair, you just can’t have enough of it <3
    If I could I would buy Kron 2020 in every color, size and fill a whole big cabinet of those Feders.!

  4. David TOILHAT

    This is my first Feder but I already tried some other brands and I also own a blunt.
    From my experience there is no comparison with the KRON.
    The balance is perfect, honestly this make everything works better, from cuts to bind.
    The durability is astonishing, after some months of practice this is no damage to the blade, and even against harder swords.
    I thought I might have some issues with the cord wrapping because I never experience something like that but it’s very well made and it gives a good control. Same with the pommel which really fits the hands perfectly.
    The guard is very robust and I didn’t have any issues with it.
    I’m more than pleased with this feder and I highly recommend it.

  5. johan hofstedt (zweryfikowany)

    This is my first Feder. So i´m in no way experienced. But this feels really solid. Like it is just one pease, and not assambeled. It feels consistent, balanced and it looks great!! I cant wait to fence with it after covid….

  6. David Taborda

    I’m a HEMA newbie and this is my first feder. There isn’t much info online about quality feders so I looked around everywhere for a good feder. I was scared to buy one and getting screwed over. Then I found the long KRON and fell instantly in love with the look. The feder feels great in the hand and feels light, especially for the long KRON length. I’ve been using it for a year now and I am still in love. If you are on the fence about getting one, just do it. You won’t regret it.
    AMAZING feder!

  7. AntoniohOr

    The “long” model has both a longer blade and handle if you enjoy a little extra reach or space for your hands , while still retaining fantastic balance and movement. They all just age out after developing rattles at the hilt after several years.” – Joe Colistro, Lead Instructor IFG “Jake’s had nothing but Ensifer heavies, and usually passed them on to someone else who used them a year or two longer.

    • jan

      I’m not sure is that comment is about Kron model or also another older models from 2011-2014.
      Indeed after few years of using in tournament and group training Ensifer swords begin to rattle. Majority other sword will broke until then.

  8. Thau Shien Hsu

    Had this one for almost a year and tried all most feders my clubmates have, and none of them can compare to this one.
    The regular version is slightly shorter than Regenyei’s standard feder, and also shorter than all of my clubmates’s sword, yet it handles extremely well for me, and I’m 1.73m tall. The only feder around the same size is the Aureus, but I can feel everything on this blade due to it’s tip heavy design while the Aureus is extremely light.

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