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Introducing the new limited edition ENSIS (10 swords). This training sword is dedicated to those who pursue the art of swordsmanship. The flexibility and Point of Balance (PoB) can be customized to customer preferences.


Weight – 1500 – 1545g
PoB   9 – 10 cm  
Flex   15 – 18 kg
BN ~ 57,5 cm
FPP ~ 70 cm
APP ~ 30 cm
Basic thickness – 6 mm
Overall lenght – 124,5 mm
Blade lenght – 95 cmBlade hardness ~ 50 HRC
Crossguard ~ 35 HRC

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  • Premium Cord Wrap is available now. High quality resin and cord gives secure grip. Handle is much more durable with these wrap.
  • 1- year warranty for blade breakage but not for minor bending*
  • Hand forged, light and flexible hollow grinded blade.
  • Historically accurate Pivot Points (FPP – 70 cm from cross)
  • Fine-crafted and durable hardened crossguard (~35 HRC)
  • Solid, unbreakable proper rounded tip
  • Durable rounded edge – 3 to2 mm thickness, 50 HRC
  • Safe crossguard endings
  • Delicate and handcrafted notches on the crossguard and pommel
  • Peened octagonal acid-resistant steel pommel
* Every blade is checked a few times during production to avoid mistakes. We give 1 year warranty for breakage not every bend. We can also replace swords which bend on first use/sparring (and I do that without a problem) but after a few months of using and sparring minor bendings are normal thing when forces are too big. We can make it straight in our workshop, but we do not cover shiping cost. Frankly it is a minute of work and 80 % chances to finish it with foot and floor. Straightening the blades are common on every sport fencing training:

How to Straighten Your Fencing Weapon During a Competition

1. Learn to properly thrust with feder and use its blade flexibility – hands up when you are hitting.
2. Cut with proper edge alignment and avoid full force cuts to rigid targets – like Strong of partner blade/crossguard – if he parries your Weak just hit to his Strong – applying force does not work for you.
3. Avoid charging to each other in sparring – it may easily generate huge forces which can bend the blade.






Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 135 × 30 × 6 cm

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Handle wrap

Fine Leather, Premium Cord

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