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REDD feder – the finest version of our 2020 line. An elegant and well-rounded training weapon.

If you would like to see it in higher resolution please visit our BLOG.

Overall length: 126 cm
Blade length: 95 cm
Weight:  1380- 1450 g
Flex – 14- 16 kg
PoB –  7 – 8 cm
CoP – 60 cm
FPP – 93 cm
Blade hardness ~ 50 HRC
Crossguard ~ 45 HRC
Overall length: 133 cm
Blade length: 100 cm
Weight:  1550 – 1580 g
Flex – 14- 16 kg
PoB – 7 – 8 cm
CoP – 62 cm
FPP – 96 cm
Blade hardness ~ 50 HRC
Crossguard ~ 45 HRC
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  • 1-year warranty for blade breakage*
  • Light and flexible hollow grinded blade with short fullers on the schilt
  • Very durable rounded edge – 6 to 4 mm thickness, 50 HRC
  • Historically accurate Pivot Points (FPP – 93 cm from cross)
  • Fine-crafted and very durable hardened crossguard (~45 HRC)
  • Double-peened crossguard to secure it from loosening
  • Safe crossguard endings
  • Solid, unbreakable properly rounded tip
  • Thickneded grip covered with durable cord and resin.
  • Elegant and delicate notches on crossguard
  • Peened notched  inox steel pommel

Blade Integrity and Warranty

Every blade we produce is thoroughly checked multiple times during production to ensure quality and avoid mistakes. We provide a 1-year warranty for breakage, but not for every bend. We can replace a sword that bends during its first use or sparring session without any issues. However, after a few months of use and sparring, minor bends are normal when subjected to significant forces. While we can straighten the blade in our workshop, we do not cover the shipping costs. Straightening a blade is a quick process and can often be done with a simple technique at home, such as applying pressure with your foot.

Blade Flexibility (FLEX)

We measure blade stiffness using a regular buckling test by applying pressure on the pommel on a scale, based on the FEDER Polish HEMA Federation Ruleset.


  • Learn to properly thrust with a feder and utilize its blade flexibility – keep your hands up when thrusting.
  • Cut with proper edge alignment and avoid full-force cuts to rigid targets, such as the strong part of your partner’s blade or crossguard. If your opponent parries with the strong part of their blade, applying force to it with your weak part will not be effective and will only damage your blade.
  • Avoid charging at each other during sparring – this can generate huge forces that may bend the blade.
Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 135 × 30 × 6 cm

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Handle wrap

Fine Leather, Premium Cord


Basic Black Sheath, Without scabbard

2 opinie dla REDD

  1. Kuba Gaweł

    For years I was waiting for a good training sword. I’ve tried many but when I saw REDD and I took it into my hand, after a seconds I was sure I found a perfect one. This is masterpiece. Made with passion and huge knowledge about weapons.
    If sword could fence itself, that could be only REDD.
    Great for training, great for tournaments, great looking ( red – colour of kings).
    I’m a HEMA instructor and I exactly new what I was looking for to train my group.

  2. Patrick Skura

    I got the old version of this feder and its very food. quality 10/10, handling 10/10, weight 10/10. is quite short in comparison to other feders my former co-fencers used, but the reason i bought a feder this lenght it historical accuracy (of feders which are supposed to have been this lenght).

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