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Our finest version of sharp messer, like originals. That is why blade is very stiff to help in test cutting. Finest materials and agile blade.

Overal Lenght – 88 cm,
Blade Lenght- 70 cm,
Weight ~ 890g,
Basic blade thickness – 6mm
Basic blade width – 45 mm
PoB  14 cm,
Blade Flex – 18 kg


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  • 1 year warranty for blade breakage
  • Hollow grinded blade
  • Blade curvature: 5 mm
  • 1.0 -0,5 mm edge – 52HRC hardness
  • Very durable, integrated Nagel
  • Real PoB, close to originals
  • Hot peened and acid resistant pommel
  • Additional narrow fuller
  • Fine crafted and safe crossguard
  • Safe, unbreakable solid tip





Left handed, Right handed


Beech, Black Walnut


Basic Black Sheath, Without scabbard, Wodden Scabbard with leather covering


Basic Sharpness, Blunt, Sharp

2 opinie dla AD 2018 MESSER

  1. Marek Maślany

    Simple yet elegant design. I have the great pleasure of using this Messer since September 2020. After countless cutting practices the blade is sharp and requires little to none care. Hilt is comfortable and allows steady cuts. I highly recommend it.

  2. Clemens (verified owner)

    Light and well balanced blade, fast and nimble. Edge alignment and point control come naturally and it sings beatifully in the cut. All around high standard of fit and finish. My sword came with additional ornamentation on the guard and with a functional sheath. 5/5 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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