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CORONA to podstawowa wersja federa z klingą wklęsło szlifowaną – nie tylko lekka, ale i wyjątkowo solidna.

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Długość całkowita: 125 cm
Długość klingi: 95 cm
Weight:  ~ 1450 g
Flex ~15 kg
Punkt Ciężkości ~ 7 cm
Punkt Drgań ~  61 cm
Przedni Punkt Obrotu ~ 93 cm
Twardość klingi ~ 50 HRC
Twardość jelca ~ 45 HRC


Długość całkowita: 133 cm
Długość klingi: 100 cm
Weight: ~ 1580 g
Flex ~ 15 kg
Punkt Ciężkości ~8 cm
Punkt Drgań ~  63 cm
Przedni Punkt Obrotu ~ 95 cm
Twardość klingi ~ 50 HRC
Twardość jelca ~ 45 HRC


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  • Rok gwarancji na złamanie klingi
  • Lekka i elastyczna klinga, o wklęsłym szlifie i strudzinach na rikassie.
  • Wyjątkowo wytrzymała, zaokrąglona krawedź - od 6 do 4mm grubości, twardość 50 HRC
  • Historyczne punkty obrotu - Przedni Punkt Obrotu 93 cm od jelca.
  • Wytrzymały i estetycznie wykonany jelec o twardości 45 HRC
  • Podwójnie zakuwany jelec chroniący przed luzowaniem
  • Bezpieczne końcówki jelca
  • Podstawowa rękojeść z wytrzymałym oplotem, wzmocnionym żywicą
  • Pełny, zaokrąglony i bezpieczny sztych
  • Zakuta na gorąca stalowa głowica





Waga 1500 g
Wymiary 126 × 25 × 5 cm

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4 opinie dla CORONA 2020

  1. Federico Malagutti

    I found the Corona Feder extremely satisfying to handle, it is, in my experience, my favorite training longsword. An extremely durable Sword, strong on bindings and parries, while at the same time relatively light for its dimensions and extremely responsive. The Corona is safe for sparring and competitions, while I would advocate to always go for the more flexible blade option while practicing a thrust oriented style with explosive footwork.
    An extremely good training sword.

  2. Cezary

    A very Good training longsword. This is my first Feder, so it is used often in regular trainings and traning fights. I have a long version and the length of the handle suits me very Well (I have big hands, so regular version was too small for me and my hands). Hardened handguard is very resistant to all strong impacts. After nine month of frequent trainings and training fights, it shows no damage. Next Feder will also be from Jan.

  3. Diego Cataldo

    Not just a very good federschwert, but an outstanding sharp sword simulator. It is very tough and solid, and takes beatings extremely well with no play or moving parts after very hard hits. The shape of the blade is beautiful, and despite being a light federschwert it has a lot of presence in the bind and hits hard because ot it, competing with blunt longswords without problem. The only two things I found missing for a 10/10 sword were quickly adressed after I bought my Corona in the KRON model; a faceted pommel to better orient the sword with the left hand and a waisted grip to avoid the dominant hand sliding. This standard Corona however captures the perfect modern look and it’s beautiful in its simplicity. I would too buy my next feder(s) from Jan, I liked this one that much.

  4. Philip Trippenbach (zweryfikowany)

    Outstanding craftwork. The feder feels extremely well-balanced, with a fine resonance in the hand and very responsive. A much more decisive feel than some other feders I have tried. Looking forward to much training and many matches with this one.

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