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In Poland and Hungary “Hajduk” means foot soldier in XVI – XVII century. This model will base on polish-hungarian sabre style. 

The Hajduk sabre, despite its low weight of 810 g in a rather long blade (84 cm), is a merciless cutter with a point of balance at 240 mm and blade vibration noted around 60 cm from the guard.


Total length: 97 cm
Blade length: 84 cm
Grip length: 10 -12 cm (leather)
Blade curvature: 3 – 5 cm
Blade thickness: 2–7 mm
Edge thickness: sharp
Weight: ~ 790-810  g
PoB: 22- 24 cm
Blade flex: ~ 16 kg
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  • Hand forged, spring steel blade with broad  fuller.
  • Around 52 HRC blade hardness.
  • Sharpened, ready to test cutting.
  • Broad feather with false edge.
  • Vegetable leather covered grip
  • Forged, silver soldered, hand finished guard
  • Hot shaped, inox steel cap.


Every steel component of this saber has been forged or shaped in fire.  The handle is wrapped in dyed natural vegetable leather, meticulously matched with the crossguard — a process executed without compromises, unlike what is commonly observed in modern “reproductions.”




Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 5 cm

Basic Black Scabbard, Without scabbard




Basic Sharpness, Blunt, Sharp


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