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Towarzysz or comiliton („companion” or „brother in arms”) was a senior soldier in the ranks of Polish winged hussars. This sabre is a fully functional replica based on originals from Polish museums.

Total lenght: 94 – 97 cm
Blade lenght: 83 cm
Grip lenght: 13 cm (leather) or 14 cm (cord)
Blade curvature: 4-7 cm
Blade thickness – 7 mm to 3 mm
Weight: ~ 780 g – 840 g
PoB – ? cm
Blade flex ~ 15 kg


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  • Hand forged blade
  • False edge
  • Leather covered grip, hand stiched
  • Hardened knucklebow
  • Spring steel blade with broad and narrow fuller
  • Around 54 HRC blade hardness
  • Brass soldered steel cap




“The hussars, who are lancers and nobleman of large estate(…) the lancers serve in five horses each, so in a company of hundres lancers thers is only twenty Masters (comrades) who go at the very front and thus are the commnaders of the file & the subsequent four ranks, each in its own file, are their servants”

Guillame le Vasseur de Bauplan, Description d”Ukraine…  (from Winged Hussars, R. Sikora R. Szleszyński)

Dimensions 100 × 20 × 10 cm
Grip length



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